I was greatly saddened when I heard the news that Ed Sabol had passed as I similarly was when his son Steve passed in 2012. They and NFL films are the biggest reasons I am the NFL fan I am today. The Sabols were the pioneers that changed the way we see the game. 

They were ridiculed at first for spending incredible amounts of money on the reels and reels of film needed to produce the slow motion highlights that we crave and love so dearly. Sabol obviously knew what others didn’t: that creating a story and a mood while giving amazing insight would bond the American public to football forever.

Sabol was the first to “mic up" players and coaches. It allowed fans to see and hear a side of football never before accessible, they ate it up – and still do. The NFL network, which Sabol had a hand in creating, broadcasts SoundFX, a show that is simply sound bites from coaches and players from games – another “Sabol-ism.” He produced reality TV before the words were even in our vernacular.

Over his lifetime, NFL films has been awards Emmys in various categories including writing and cinematography. His words were given a voice by John Facenda, which Sabol nicknamed the “voice of god.” His narrations gave the films life, humor, drama and connection to those watching. And then there was the music. The original scores and orchestrations added even more suspense and drama to an already heightened sense of reality. The end product was something you couldn’t turn away from, something you couldn’t change the channel from. At least that was the case for millions of fans around the world, including myself.

Thank you Mr. Sabol. Thank you for making me love football. Thank you for making the NFL what is is today. You will be missed.

It was cold, it was foggy and for a short time it even drizzled. The first weekend of summer was ultimately dreary for most of West San Francisco but you couldn't tell by the smiles on the faces of the 300+ kids at Colin Kaepernick's ProCamps weekend. 

Once a year Kaepernick gives the kids at ProCamps unfettered access with him to work on their football skills, ask questions and just have fun. It's a two day camp for kids grades 1-8 where they are broken up into small groups by age. The day begins with warm ups and position drills and concludes with two hand touch games. 

ProCamps is a complete marvel at organizing the 300+ kids that attend each camp. By the end of the two days, each camper has had one on one interaction with the athlete featured at the camp. 

In Kaepernick's third annual camp, he threw a pass, handed off, high fived, and huddled up with every kid in attendance. Parents were allowed to watch from the stands at St. Ignatius College Preparatory as their kids learned from the many coaches, Kaepernick included. 

Along with honing their football skills, the kids get great messages from Kaepernick, and the coaches and staff of ProCamps. When asked what he would tell his 'younger self' to do better, Kaepernick replied he 'would tell his younger self to have a better attitude.' He also talked to the campers about competition and overcoming adversity and challenges in life. 

The most notable aspect about Kapepernick when at his camp is his relaxed demeanor and permanent ear to ear grin. The usually stoic and quiet QB laughed and joked with the campers and at one point even explained spider 2Y banana. (Gruden would have been proud) He talked to the older kids about the read option and how to hold the football correctly during the process. At the risk of sounding like a promotional commercial for Kaepernick, it would be fantastic if more of the football world could see him with the kids of ProCamps, he still doesn't get tired, but he's also having a great time during the journey.