The primary concern regarding Colin Kaepernick in the 2013 season was his ability to work through his progressions. Slow motion film showed his eyes dropping down at the pocket closing in on him and not seeing open receivers other than his first option, check down or otherwise. Kaepernick has been working relentlessly in the offseason, and at least for week one, the work shows. Greg Cosell of NFL films, was on his weekly guest spot on The Herd with Colin Cowherd, and this was his play of the week. 

"Colin Kaepernick's 37 yard completion to Anquan Boldin, I believe it was on the first series. I really loved this play because one of the things that we've talked about a lot with Kaepernick is he doesn't really have great pocket command, that when he feels pressure he essentially leaves the pocket and makes himself a runner, which becomes a random play, eventhough maybe he has more raw physical talent than any guy in the league, his athleticism.
This 37 yarder is terrific to me because he drops back off of play action, so he turns his back, and that's the first thing you have to notice, he turns his back and as soon as he turns around, the first thing he sees is a white jersey right in his line of sight, so he moves to his left right into other pressure from an OLB on a blitz, so instead of just fleeing the pocket, which very often he's done, he steps up, sees Anquan Boldin on a deeper route, this is not a check down, sets his feet, and delivers an incredible strike that not many quarterbacks can make and as soon as he delivers the ball, he takes a wicked hit. This, to me, is quarterbacking. This is using the pocket, navigating the pocket to find a quieter space to throw, stepping into your throw, planting, knowing you're going to get hit. This, to me, is what NFL quarterbacking is." 

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