It had all of the trappings of a fabulous opener in the newly minted Levi's Stadium; celebrity attendees, fantastic weather and a full house, but it was not meant to be. 

It was a tale that could have had a happy ending, if only the game could have ended after the 3rd quarterdespite a multitude of penalties and mistakes. At the start of the fourth quarter the 49ers led by 13 points, but it's how you finish, and that's exactly what the Bears did. Three possessions in the final quarter that all led to touchdowns, and a spoiled opener. 

It was a very undisciplined game that included 16 penalties for 118 yards, and four turnovers for the 49ers. The Bears were slightly better with 10 penalties for 58 yards. The glaring difference? Turnovers. Chicago didn't commit any. After the game Harbaugh, Kaepernick and Willis all spoke of the team loss and team responsibility. "We all had fingerprints on it." was the phrase used by both Harbaugh and Willis. 

Boldin and Gore both expressed feelings that the team didn't finish.

"When you have a team team down you definitely have to put your foot on their throat because nobody is going to quit in this league." - Anquan Boldin. 

"We started fast but we laid off, as a team. I just think we have to finish." - Frank Gore 

49ers have a week to work on cleaning things up, they travel to Arizona on Sunday to face the 2-0 Cardinals. 



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These people do not have enough money to spend on their kids to make them an able citizen of the society. It does not mean that they do not want to educate their children.


This stadium is amazing! I wish I could visit this event. I was so long ago.

03/13/2017 8:26pm

Football is the most fun, most competitive, team-oriented sport in the earth. We would do anything to win a game. Everybody loves the game, people are always playing it. It is the soul of the universe. When you put on the pads, lace up the spikes, and buckle your helmet you walk onto the field and nothing else matters. You will forget if you failed a test, fought with a friend, or lost some money because for the next few hours your day will be perfect.


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