Less than 90 minutes before the Carolina Panthers kicked off, DE Greg Hardy was deactivated. The day before the Minnesota Vikings game, Adrian Peterson was deactivated. Earlier in the Week, Ray Rice was released from the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely. 
Ray McDonald, similar to those three was arrested, but unlike those three was not charged for domestic violence or for Peterson child abuse. Due to this difference, say 49ers personnel, McDonald will play for the 49ers in their home opener at Levi's Stadium. 

49ers personnel have been consistent in standing behind the fact that McDonald has not been convicted like Hardy. Hardy has filed an appeal and a jury trial scheduled for November will most likely be pushed back to 2015 due to a back log in the state legal system. Panthers brass had previously been "waiting for the legal process to conclude."  Public pressure, it seems, has forced them to act. 

The smart thing for the 49ers to do, in light of recent events in the NFL, would be to deactivate McDonald until his legal issues have been resolved. In doing so, McDonald would still be paid his salary, and the potential for the 49ers having to do damage control would be reduced. Hopefully the information that the 49ers gathered from McDonald and other players in attendance the night of his arrest is validated by him ultimately being found innocent. Until then, some of us will have uneasy feelings in our guts that he will remain on the field. 



This is a very nice shot of that player and he is looking courageous for that game. We can see he is fit and healthy that are main demands of this game so we can hope him to play well.

04/17/2017 7:16pm

I am not really familiar with Ray Mcdonald, but I can see that he is a good player. Even though he has been charged for domestic violence, he is still able to play for the 49ers in their home opener at Levi's Stadium. But I don't think it is somehow the right thing to do because he needs something to solve first. I hope he will be to resolve everything before he gets to play in the field. Moreover, 49ers should help resolve the case first before allowing players such as Ray to play for them.


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