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No one on the 49ers team or staff made any excuses that injuries were a part of the loss to the Denver Broncos but even Peyton Manning acknowledged that they were a factor. Manning after the game: "They have some injuries that I think put some pressure on their defense and we were able to take advantage of that." 

The resounding theme amongst Harbaugh and the players was the 'Next Man Up' mantra regarding how "Players need to be ready whenever their number is called," Antoine Bethea

Patrick Willis: "It's been a season of injury but we make no excuses. When one man goes down it's another man's opportunity to step up. Our guys have done a great job at that." 

Vernon Davis: "It's been tough for us but we can't blame it on the injuries. We still have to play. We have guys that can back certain guys up and we believe in them." 

Eric Reid on what the game would have been the outcome with all of the starters playing:  "That's something we can't worry about. It's a hypothetical situation that isn't real right now. No matter what the situation is, we got to go out there and play."

I think Ahmad Brooks summed it up the best saying about the injuries "It probably caught up with us today. We have a lot of key guys out." 



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