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You'd think that Eli Manning throwing five picks in one game would make the score a blow out, right? Wrong. The Niners escaped with a 16-10 victory in what shouldn't have been a competitive game at all. Four trips to the red zone in the first half only resulted in 9 points. Frank Gore, who had a tremendous game with 19 carries for 95 yards committed his first fumble of the season at the end of the first drive and three other drives resulted in Phil Dawson field goals. 

Things started to look better for the Niners in their first drive of the second half; three plays concluding with Michael Crabtree's 48 yard touchdown. That was the last time the 49ers would reach the end zone at MetLife. Their second drive of the half lasted for five minutes but ended with a botched snap negating a field goal attempt by Dawson. 

All is not doom and gloom though, there were several highlights and Chris Borland being named NFC Defensive Player of the Week is one of them. Borland finished with 13 tackles, 9 of which were solo, and two interceptions. Borland has been on a roll, having a great performance last week against the Saints with 17 tackles, 11 of which were solo. He was beat out for Week 10 NFC DPOW by the Cardinal's Patrick Peterson who recorded 2 INTs vs the Rams. With Patrick Willis going on IR and Navorro Bowman's return in question, it's good to know that the next man up is Chris Borland. 



06/15/2016 2:41am

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01/18/2017 1:48am

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