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Joe Staley summed it up the best saying, "It has been a frustrating season." The second half woes continued for the 49ers who had a 21 point lead twice in the game vs. the Chargers.  Several things went wrong in the game, the final mistake being Quinton Patton's fumble in OT. 

Colin Kaepernick identified the touchdown by Vernon Davis being called back and his subsequent sack-fumble-touchdown as a larger factor, saying "It was a 14 point swing." Frank Gore was called for a chop block and the TD was reversed. Gore, who didn't see Alex Boone go high on that same play which caused the penalty explained; "I should have just stayed up. I didn't see him. I was just attacking my gap. I knew on that certain defensive look the coaches tell me to loop around. I guess Boone's man went to the right and he came back in and tried to help. I should have just stayed up."

Antoine Bethea touched on the same theme, "Being up like that in the first half, the ground game the way it was going, it's a tough one to swallow. All losses are tough to swallow but this is tough." 

No one can explain the inability of this squad being able to finish, but everyone knows it's there like the elephant in the room. It's been discussed in the halftime speeches and on the sidelines. All of the players and coaches gave due respect to the Chargers for playing a hell of a second half, but yet still remained frustrated as to why they failed to pull off the win.



12/22/2014 6:26pm

Hopefully Jim Harbaugh ends up at SC, or w/ the Jets. #fighton #ganggreen

12/29/2014 2:25pm

Wishful thinking....but the Jets did make a push.


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