Early Sunday morning Chris Borland appeared on Face The Nation to talk about the move that stunned the nation, his retirement from the NFL at the young age of 24 after a remarkable rookie season. If you have not seen the interview yet, here is the link: 

Chris Borland on Retirement CBS News via Face The Nation

Face The Nation's Bob Schieffer asked Borland if there was one event that led him to walk away from millions of dollars. Borland replied "There was a moment in camp where I probably sustained a mild concussion, and it wasn't something that was detrimental to my health immediately, but changed the way I viewed the risks of my chosen profession."  

Borland did a lot of research about the possible detrimental effects that concussions could have on his future health. His response to NFL's Senior VP of Health and Safety, Jeff Miller's, statement that football is safer than it's ever been, was: "That may be true, however, football is inherently dangerous and that will never change." 

Borland continued by saying "I love visceral feeling of the violence of the game. I think everyone that plays at a high level is passionate about that. However, I don't think you should [sic] be uninformed, and I think you should have every opportunity to know all you can about the dangers of that feeling you love and the sport that you are passionate about." 

Borland also answered the question that many had asked following his retirement: would he payback the signing bonus of which he had earned only a portion of. He finished his interview confirming that his retirement was not the cash grab he has been accused of, and he will be repaying 3/4 of his signing bonus. 


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09/18/2015 3:50am

I dont like face the nation at all! They are too clumsy.

12/21/2015 2:58pm

That may be true, however, football is inherently dangerous and that will never change.

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