Trent Baalke, popularly known amongst 49er fans as the Draft Ninja, worked his magic on day one of the draft, acquiring the player he wanted, as well as two future picks in a trade with the San Diego Chargers. Days before the draft, several analysts had Arik Armstead, DE from Oregon, going to the 49ers as the 15th pick. Baalke tends to do the opposite of what the popular opinion is, and joked in his Thursday night presser that this pick was his one chance to appease the media. 

There has been a little skepticism regarding Armstead's consistency but Baalke was quick to talk about how rare a sold 'four technique' player is to find, stating that there were only five of them on his draft board this year. New HC Jim Tomsula talked about Armstead's unique physical gifts, being just under 6'8 and having the ability get as low as he is able to. Tomsula also talked about his ability to connect with Armstead on a personal level and how important that is to him as a coach. 

Baalke stated that there will be a learning curve for Armstead and he will need to earn his spot just like everyone on the roster. The upside is that Armstead hasn't been in the weight room much, being a two sport athlete for most of his time at Oregon. If he has the motivation in the classroom, weight room and on the field, the potential that Baalke sees could be realized. 

Click here for Baalke's entire press conference

Fun fact: In his time off, Arik Armstead likes to cook



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