One of the best parts of ProCamps with Colin Kaepernick is the the mini "press conference" where a few lucky kids, grades 1 - 8 get to ask him any question they can think of. They always come up with some interesting inquiries. This year, however, wasn't quite as challenging as last year where one of the campers asked Kaepernick how he felt about his teammates holding out for more money. Yes, that was an 11 year old's question!

Kids: How long have you been playing football? 

CK: I've been playing team sports for as long as I can remember but I started officially playing football when I was 8 years old. So, this is going to be my 20th year of playing football. 

Kids: Will the 49ers be moving to LA? 

CK: (Lots of laughter) I don't think we're going anywhere anytime soon. 

Kids: Who is the nicest 49er?

CK: One of the nicest 49ers I've been around is Bruce Miller. We came in the same year, just a really good hearted person. He came out to Camp Taylor last year with me, he's coming this year. Not because he has to, because he wants to. He's a good friend and a great person. 

Kids: Are you a Golden State Warriors fan? 

CK: I am. I cheer for the Warriors. I've talked to a few of them a few times. I'm happy for what they've done but I will say, I grew up in Milwaukee so I still root for the Bucks, it's a little rough for us though. 

Kids: What do you do when you're not playing football?

CK: Most of the time when I'm not playing football, I'm either hanging out with my friends or I'm asleep. I spend a lot of time at football, at workouts and things like that so when I get home, it's time to rest and let my body recover. 

Kids: Do you like your new neighbors?

CK: Yes, they're really good people. I see them out pretty often. 

Kids: The reason I'm asking this is because I'm one of your neighbors. 

CK: I figured that much (laughing). 

Kids: Could you name some of the players in the NFL that you know?

CK: That's a long list right there. It's actually surprising. Before I got into the NFL I really didn't know anybody in the NFL. Now that I've gotten there, you meet so many different players from different teams at events here and there or just hanging out. You might be training together at the same training facility, so I have a lot of friends on a lot of different teams. 

Kids: What was your most successful season? 

CK: The most successful season would be...probably the Super Bowl season we had here. Did well, made it to the Super Bowl, didn't finish it right so, hopefully this season is the most successful season. 

Kids: Have you met your new partner Reggie Bush?

CK: I have. I got to spend quite a bit of time with Reggie. Great player, great guy. Excited to see what he can do this year. 

Kids: Which high school did you go to?

CK: I went to Pitman High School in Turlock, California. 

Kids: Out of this year's draft picks, which do you think will have the biggest impact on the team this year? 

CK: That's tough to say. You always assume your first round draft pick will have a big impact for the team. It will really depend on how things play out through training camp. We'll have to see when September comes. 

Kids: How do you learn the play book?

CK: A lot of studying and a lot of repetition. It takes a while, our play book is pretty thick, so it takes a little bit of work. 

Kids: Who's your favorite wide receiver?

CK: My favorite wide receiver is going to be whoever scores next for me. (laughter) Last year our go-to guy was definitely Anquan, very reliable, very strong, very tough player. 

Kids: Who would you want on our team?

CK: Hmmm. That's a good question. 

Kids: Frank Gore (whispered)

CK: Hmmm let's see. I would go with Calvin Johnson. Calvin Johnson, he's a playmaker, huge, easy to throw to. He's going to go after the ball, he likes scoring touchdowns. 

Kids: Who was your favorite NFL player when you grew up?

CK: My favorite player growing up was Bret Favre. I was actually a Packers fan growing up, so, watched him a lot and loved the way he played the game, the passion he played with and the excitement he had. 

Mom of camper: What are the odds that the 49ers make history and have home field advantage for Super Bowl 50?

CK: I can't tell you what the odds are but I know what the odds are in my mind, so we're going to go with those for nowand hopefully I'll see you there! 

Kaepernick also does a mini presser with the few members of the media who come to the camp. The kid's interview is actually more interesting! 

Tell us why you decided to do this camp.

CK: I love coming out here with the kids, spending time with them. It takes me back to my days.

R: Why is it important for kids to learn about competition and team sports? 

CK: To me, I've been in competition team sports since I was 8 years old, and a lot of it, it teaches you how to interact with people. It teaches you how to deal with adversity and struggles, and also successes. I think it's a good opportunity for these kids, at a young age, to learn some of those skills and be able to take them into their regular lives. 
R: You've been following the Warriors. Are there any lessons that can be taken from there? 

CK:think the biggest thing that I noticed is, they are a team. They were the ultimate team. It didn't matter if it was David Lee coming into the finals and having a huge impact or Draymond being their defensive stopper or Iguodala having to be their stopper. Steph went through a rough period in the finals and wasn't his hottest, came back and shot lights out. It just teaches you how to deal with things. Once again, I deal with adversities, come back from them and [can] still be successful. 

R: Speaking of teams, you have a whole new team this year. How's that been so far? 

CK: Not a whole new team but we have some new additions, we had some departures but [we're] excited for it. It will be a good year for us.  

R: SB50 is coming to the Bay area, does that bring an extra level of excitement and energy to the team?

CK: We're just getting ready for game one at this point. We'll go from there. 

R: Have you had any surprises from minicamp so far, from the rookies or anybody thats stepped up?

CK: Yeah, we did have some people step up and look good, but we'll keep that internal. 

R: Can you talk about the transition of Jarryd Hayne going from rugby to American Football? 

CK: Very talented player, amazing person as well. Excited to see what he can do once we get pads on. He's looked promising so far through OTAs so, I'm excited to see it. 

R: Have you beaten him at ping pong yet? 

CK: (laughing) We've played a little ping pong, just to pass the time. 


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